Learn the secrets of the Island Vlieland from a local!

Do 3 hike's in 1 on this 1.5/2 hour walking tour or do/plan an event by Islanderbonetours.

Enjoy the Dunes( hike0), beach or Kroonpolders Park in the West( hike4),  do the  lighthouse tour( hike3), climb  the 7 highest dunes( hike5), do the lake tour( hike6),  visit the Village of West-Vlieland and discover his dark secrets( hike7),  see a local house( wreck/beach musea) and drink coffee or tea during this.( hike8),  visit the seals of Engelsmanshoek with superfast rib Ocean King ( hike14), fishing with 33 ft ship( hike15), .. explore sandbanks with lowtide.(hike 16),  beach comber/ camping tours( event4),  walk through the dunes and check out the remains of a german ww2 anti-aircraft gun( hike2),  visit our valley with wild beasts-the Highlander cow and soay sheep( hike10),  folklore  custodes and local cuisine(event2) and see ..the Grave of Lancelot Skinner of frigate La Lutine.( hike 12),    deathmans bol(hike 1)in the dunes, ..or a custom tailormade tour/event.

-note-Due to Corona crisis all hikes/events are canceled !!


 Cost: name-your-own-price tour/event

Plan your ( beach) party/event also with Islanderbonetours.. rent music installation/ equipment, tents ( already on the island).

Use our local expertise and knowledge!

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